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I thought that the best way to assist you the reader, to understand the nature of psychics and psychic phenomenon, is firstly by introducing you to a few basic terms, from my own understanding of psychics and of the worlds in which they operate.

Astral Travel: The ability for a psychic to spiritually remove themselves temporarily from their physical body and experience other parts of the psychical world unseen by other humans, or to experience other spiritual dimensions.

Clairaudience (clear hearing): The ability to hear sounds, that to the receiver could either sourced from inside their head, or through their ears, that other others generally cannot hear themselves.

Clairsentience (clear knowing or clear thinking): The ability to feel, sense or smell sensations, that is generally beyond the conventional senses of others.

Clairvoyance (clear seeing): The ability to ‘see’, usually through the ‘third eye’ in their head, images that are not physically in front of them. Events from the past, present or future may also be ‘seen’ by the psychic.

Medium: A medium has the ability to receive communications from those who have passed away, in order to deliver messages to those still in the living world.

Psychic: A psychic has the ability to draw knowledge from the universal consciousness, in order to deliver a variety of information to their sitter, in ways that cannot be explained by conventional science. All mediums are also psychic but not all psychics are also mediums.

Soul: That which makes up one’s mind and personality, which is synonymous with ‘Spirit’.

Universal Consciousness: The combined memory and knowledge of all human experience and of the entire universe itself.

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