22nd October 2017  You the creator

Hello and Greetings to you all.

We love each and every one of you so so much.  We'd like to say to you that we come in peace and love and light.  We are all here to serve humans the best we can.
Remember this, we are all here for you to help and guide you. Know you’re not alone ever.

We come to you to tell you, you are all wonderful beings.  You all go back to the light in the end.  We would also like to tell you to solider on in your life. Keep going, never give up ever.  We are here for you. So remember this. Remember you are powerful beings who have the power to change and create your lives to your will.  You are in charge, you call the shots, you are creating you own destiny through your thoughts and feelings. You are the creator of your life.

We tell you this because you have to wake up and see you’re the one who's making you feel the way you do, either happy or sad. You’re the one doing it.  Not your spouse, your family, your work and so forth.  You are in control, you have the power.  You create using your thoughts, for it is your thoughts that are the energy that create life.

We also want to tell you to think thoughts of love as often as you can. For this will help you create a happier life, better feelings.  One of the main reasons for negative feeling is you feel tired and down in energy.  Learn to relax without T.V, without food or alcohol, without drugs, or distractions.  Get quiet and relax deeply following your breath and  relax.  T.V actually drains energy to be honest, so dose many other things we use to relax.  Get rid of all the stimulants like caffeine and smart drinks, those too are actually draining your energy.  While they feel good in the moment, they are no good long term, so you end up having more of what drained you in the first place.

Being tired all the time is what make us make poor decisions in diet also. So the cycle continues.  Please learn to relax. Set aside a time each day to fully relax and focus on love or the breath or the Christ light within.  Learn to take time out even if you start with just 5 to 10 minutes a day, or twice a day.  Just make time.  We all seem to find time for T.V, so it’s not impossible to find time for yourself.  We’re not saying don't watch T.V just be aware on how things make you feel.

So take care. Learn to love yourself appreciate yourself in your quiet time. 
Love you very very much,


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