11th  November 2017    Stillness and Spirit Communication

Hello and Greetings to you all.

We in spirit wish to tell you, you are very very loved and wanted.  We also wish to tell you we deeply love and adore you as human beings.  We come here to tell you that you are God.  We say this all the time.  We will repeat ourselves until you really hear it.  You are God first then human.

We see you get very very busy with life.  Doing this, that, and the other thing. Stillness is not a part of our lives much, if at all.  We encourage you to make time for this.  It’s so important that you connect with the life force of God, by being quiet and filling yourselves up with love, even for just five minutes.  It won’t take you big chunks of your life to be still. 

Stillness speaks to us. Stillness is very power thing to achieve.  If you could still your very busy lives and find peace, we in spirit would work with you in that time, through your thoughts and feelings.  Getting quiet is a powerful and selfish thing to do, because selfish can be healthy sometimes.  We are taught that being selfish is a bad thing, and the selfless being is the way to go all the time. Selfish is also looking after yourself. It’s not a negative thing at all.

We in spirit love you all so so much, we'd like the opportunity to talk with you in the silence, in the peace, in the love.  It so important you take time out. We can fit it in, we just constantly choose not to.  We choose our busy lives instead.  We make it more important to do dishes, clean up, get dressed in fancy clothes and go out as more important.  But silence is just as important.

Those who want a reading today can get one on their own, by being still and quiet.  But not all words are from us, so learn to differentiate us from other thoughts.  We are the loving thoughts, other sources are not.  We are the highest thoughts, low thoughts are not.  We are the happy thoughts sent to you to uplift you.

We deeply care and want to talk to you very very much.  Maybe write down all your thoughts and see what you get.  Stop writing if it gets unpleasant or negative.  You must learn to differentiate your thoughts, to truly hear what's being said to you.  Don't accept any negativity or wishful thinking.  We are with you. We love you, we talk to you all the time, through thoughts and feelings.

We love you so so much.  Please listen to us.  We care and want very much to talk to you. So keep going. Take care.


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