28 August 2017  Only Opportunities

Hello and Greetings to you all.

You are dearly loved by spirit.  We come to you today to discuss how we are living our lives.  We are mainly caught up in dramas and scenarios which don't serve us. Other people’s problems seem to get in the way of solving our own.  Life doesn't have to have problems at all. You can live care free and loving every moment. Enjoying yourself at every turn.

We in spirit love you all so so much, we can’t say that enough.  The way to get through your earthy problems is to stop seeing them as problems. They are opportunity's, goals, challenges, but not problems. Other people’s energy seems to interfere with your own. Let go. Problems seen as opportunities changes all perception.  Your life changes for the better, and things flow very well.  Surround yourself with love and light and refuse to see problems.  They are unnecessary, they don't need to exist.  Your life will transform as you do this.  So keep soldiering on through life we say that a lot.  Your problems aren't real.  They’re self-created. They exist in your mind. They come from a place which only exists in your mind and imagination.  There are no problems only opportunities.

We see you struggle and we wish to help you.  But you need to ask.  Let go of your past and future.  Let go of all you have been, or will be and just live in the moment. In the moment, problems don't reside there.  You’re in the now. What problems do you have now, only right now?  And you will see a great difference in your perception, your awareness.  We love you so so much we are here to help.

So as I said in the beginning soldier on, keep going focus on the now and see only opportunites. 

God bless


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