8th September 2017 Love and fear

Hello and Greetings to you all.

Welcome.  We in spirit wish to talk to you about love and fear.  The two opposites of life.  We need you to know there is only love or fear in the human mind.  There is nothing else. Only these two exist side by side.  We as Humans can only choose one or the other.  Anger is fear announced, guilt is fear.  Happy is love. Freedom is love. These are the two choices of God.

We in spirit know that we are only talking about what love and fear is not, why it is that way.  We think you are beautiful beings who are constantly bombarded with fear, thoughts encouraged by the media.  Floods and natural disasters puts fear in you.  Poverty puts fear in you.  Competition also induces fear.  Driving fast may seem fearless, but it’s impatience is born of fear.  Try to see that we have been programmed to live in fear.  Fear of others, fear of religions, fundamentalists, fear of countries, the list goes on. Fear is what's stopping your joy stopping your love flowing.

Give love a chance.  Love others and their ways. Love the earth as she is. Love life as it presents itself to us.  Not an easy task for most.  There is only love and fear, no other choice is available to us.  Those are the only two emotions to feel.  Love or fear, not love or hate for hate is fear born.  Wise up and listen to yourself, think and act. You are choosing your life through these two choices.  Fear makes you speed. Fear makes you mad. Fear drains your life force and keeps joy from your door. 

Love however is everywhere in patience, giving, openness.  Love is the truth not the lie. Love is the joy.  Love is your very essence, your being.  Happiness is your natural state.  Fear is not.  Fear exists so we know what love really is.  Fear is there to serve love. So we can feel it’s magnificence during so-called dark times.  Love is the energy we are all truly after we all deeply seek.  Because it’s happiness that we’re deep down trying to achieve.  We just have many many different ideas on how to do this.  Some do drugs, some drink alcohol, some avoid emotions this way.  So notice what it is you do to make yourself happy.  Is it fear-based actions or love-based actions?

So keep moving through your life, choose wisely.

Love you Spirit

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