30th November 2017  Love Yourself

Hello and Greetings everyone.

We in spirit are pure love, light and beauty as are you when you come to spirit.  You are all great beings of light in the spirit world.  You come to earth for all sorts of experiences.  Hard ones alike. You do choose the hard road a lot of you.  We would also say to you it’s OK to choose the hard road.  You are blessed no matter which journey you take, easy or hard.  But we are taught to take the hard road though fear, passed down generations and generations.  Fear that you’re not good enough, not bright enough, not fast enough, not loved enough. We are taught to be less than the magnificence we already are, the perfection we already have inside us. 

We are perfect beings of light and love and we are not less than that. We not less than anyone in the world who seems to have it all, like looks, money, power, freedom and much much more.  We know in our hearts who you really are.  You’re not sheep or cattle to the big businesses.  You’re not a number to your government.  You are a beautiful light being.  You are powerful loving souls.  You are not reduced to being less than those who are gifted or sporty etc. You are love beings of God.  You are God.

We love all of you. No one is exempt, no one is left out.  You are all included in God’s world.  You are all important, you are all valued and loved.  You are God’s children and God doesn't make mistakes.  You are created perfect. So start today to see yourself this way.  Don't just hear it once and go back to how you always thought.  We know you’re great, but do you?

So keep going through this life. Choose the hard road if you like, but know you’re a wonderful being choosing your path.  You create your reality though your thoughts.  So think higher thoughts if you wish to change your feelings about life.  And choose an easier life knowing you are it. You are important and wonderful, magnificent and dearly dearly loved and wanted by us, your spirit helpers, guides and loved ones. 

We would like to tell you that self-love is the high road, self-love is the key.  Love yourself, get an ego on you. It’s not a crime. Think magnificent, think beauty, think love.  Love who you are. The ego only gets in the way if you start thinking your better than everyone else.  Know you’re equal to everyone and your ego wont inflate.  But see your divinity.  See your life as wonderful as are you.

So build up your ego pump it right up.  Believe in yourself with total confidence and joy and love. Be the God you are, for God is where you came from. Your Great and blessed beings.  Know this and your life will get easier and easier.  Puff up yourself, love and your ego.

We love you all so so much. Take care.                         


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