7th September 2017    Live in the now

Hello and Greetings to you all.

We in Spirit are very happy to talk to you today. We love humans to pieces.  We care for you and love you so so much.  We'd like to talk about living in the moment, the eternal now.  The only moment we have.

We would say to you to focus on the now moment as often as you can.  For there is where life is happening.  There is where it counts. Nowhere means now here.  We love you all so much, but you're missing your lives preoccupied with past and future.  The past is over the future never comes.  There is only now.  Only this moment, this one moment is all you have.  It is precious and wonderful.  It is where it's all happening.

Don't miss you moments.  You will be much much happier in the now, and only the now.  Stop worrying.  Stop catastrophising. Stop daydreaming. Stop regretting. Stop just stop. You have another life which consists of now and only now.  The present moment, the pre-sent moment.  Don't waste you precious life wondering what could have been, or what should be. Focus solely on the now.  It’s all you have.  All that ever will be.


We would also like to say to celebrate your lives more if at all.  Lighten up, dance, sing, feel good.  You’re a magnificent being.  Be proud of that.  You wondrous, brilliant, wonderful you. Spectacular you.  So feel good about yourself.  You need to see yourselves this way to be truly happy.

Live in the now, and see yourself as a great being.  Ponder these words, there not hard things to do really.  Don't see yourself as better, see equals everywhere.  We are great.  There are no words really to describe the wonder that you are.

So keep going with your life and wake up see who you are now.

Love you.


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