4th September 2017 Feelings

Hello everyone, we love all of you very very deeply.  We come to you today to talk about the feelings from your soul as being messages from God.  We love you all so so much.  We think it’s time you heard us tell you this again and again. So maybe one day you’ll really believe it and begin to love yourself. 

We in spirit see you avoid feelings in so many different ways. Through alcohol drugs, TV, sex, and many many other vices.  Don't avoid your feeling they are telling you something about the now moment. They are trying to get your attention to listen to us.  Bad feelings are alarm bells saying you’re gone off the right track, something needs adjusting. Usually your perception is what needs changing. How you see the world, how you’re looking at things.

The world is a wondrous place, it is a place of beauty and despair, love and fear, mind consciousness.  You are choosing in your now moment in very second of your life how to feel, how to love, how to fear.  We all do this with our now moment.  What’s upsetting, what's on your mind? Change your mind if your feelings are negative or destructive or lazy, can’t be bothered mood.  You’re in charge. You all need to take responsibility for how you feel.  No one made you feel the way you do, you chose it.  You really did.  You’re responsible for your feelings. 

Take responsibility for your emotions, stop avoiding them. They are yours, you made them. So pay attention, listen, be on guard.  Don't miss a thing.  Know what you are feeling, so it can be changed.  We listen to your thoughts and see a lot of negativity a lot of self-doubt and self-criticism. You need to wake up to what you are thinking to change what you are feeling.

It sounds so simple and easy, but we are so used to avoiding what we truly feel we miss what's really going on.  We love you all so so much, keep going with your lives.  We say this with love, for we wish to help you, so keep going love.


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