29th August 2017   Feelings

Hello and Greetings to you all.

Today I'd like to talk to you about your feelings.  We like to tell you to listen to your feelings they are the messages of your soul.  We in spirit use thoughts and feelings to talk to you, to communicate with you.  Your feelings tell you who you are and where to go.

We love all of you very very much. We can't say that enough.  And we tell you this through your feelings.  When positive things happen to us we get a good feeling. And when negative, we feel bad.  But you don't have to feel bad when negative things happen.  Pay close attention to your feelings. They hold the key to tell you what's really going on with you.  We are the light and love of the universe.  Each one of your essences is connected to God. You are very powerful souls of love and great things happen to us all the time. If we only listen to our feelings we wouldn't miss the good stuff.

So many avoidance issues and goals help us to not feel at all. So many vices that avoid feelings.  Which is why people seem to like the darkness on earth and get joy from it, in avoidance with their own soul.  We eat, drink, exercise, dance, play games or sport or compete all to avoid feelings.  When feeling, your soul is constantly telling you the truth of what's really going on.  God communicates through feelings the most.

Hard feelings are telling you something not to be ignored.  They’re saying change something, not avoid at all costs.  We in spirit are very in tune to human feelings, the language of the soul.  Everyone on the planet speaks through feelings, the language we all understand.  We all have one language - feelings.  So don't avoid the feelings. They are a powerful messenger a powerful communicator.  God’s word is the most loving feeling, the highest thought, thoughts that bring you most joy. Negative thoughts are just signals that things need to change.  Usually it's your perception that needs to change. 

So honour your feelings.  Listen to your soul. What is it trying to tell you? What is on your mind? Feelings tell you the truth. Logic, analysing and over thinking doesn't get the results as fast as feelings. Make your decisions from there.  Analytical thought can confuse and puzzle you, where your feelings tell you straight away.  But we are so busy avoiding feelings.  We need to reconnect, realign ourselves. Listen truly listen to what's going on.  There you will find the truth there you will see the message.  Something either has to change or be embraced.

So keep going through your life. And listen to us. We love you all very very much keep going.
love you.


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