9th September 2017    Bless the Darkness

Hello everyone.

We in spirit love each and every one of you.  Not just the good people, we love the so-called “bad” people as well.  We love all humans as they present themselves to the world.  Love the dark people just as much.  They too are God.  They too are special.  They do in ignorance or else they wouldn't be dark. 

The darkness, believe it or not, is meant to serve us, to help us to know what it’s like to be grander than what is considered dark.  To feel magnificent in the face of calamity, to feel strong amongst the weak.  The opposite exists so that we may triumph over it.  The dark isn't here to ruin us, to consume us, to take over our lives, it’s here to show us we are more, so so much more.

How would we know its light if it never got dark?  How would we know what's truly holy without it’s opposite existing?  Darkness is not essential, but it exists as a reference point, so that we may see ourselves as we truly are.  God beings in human form.  Bless the darkness and your fears will be expelled.  Your love would grow ten-fold.  You will rise to darkness no longer being a problem, no longer being an issue.  For the darkness is here to serve you, so you too will understand and feel love as it’s most magnificent form, within the darkness.

Change your world. Be not afraid of the darkness be a light onto it.  Darkness is dissolved in light. Its weaker than you think in the presence of love, the presence of God.  God is perfect love.  In essence so are all of you, even the dark ones, their true being is love, is God.  But we get upset and twisted amongst the dark.  Bless it and your life will transform.  See only light.  See only love. You are more magnificent than you think. 

It’s hard to love if you see yourself as a victim, as the one who has been dealt the raw deal. Stop being the victim and your life will again transform.  No one is out of God’s reach.  No one is truly lost in the eyes of God.  You all come home to love no matter how horrible you've been. Or no matter how evil others behave.  You all go home to God eventually.  For it is not God’s plan you stay lost forever.  Believe us your all Gods in a human body.

You’re great and wonderful beings deep down, so let yourself grow and expand.  Let yourself transform and come alive. We deeply honour the path of all humans, not just the good, but all humans no matter how they present themselves.

This is hard to hear.  This is hard to do, but not impossible, you’re very capable.  Without the dark we can’t see the stars for sure.

Love you. 



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