Spirit World Times: New Member Guidelines

Psychics, investigators, parapsychologists and paranormal enthusiasts come and become new members of our sites for free and we will promote you.

Our underlying goal is to shift public and scientific perception of the spirit world from ‘impossible’ to ‘could be’ by encouraging our members to talk about their experiences and their views, while thinking outside the box.

Spirit World Times (“SWT”) currently runs on three free websites, that are each dedicated to readers in New Zealand (“NZ”), the United States (“US”) and the United Kingdom (“UK”).

STEP 1- Navigating Around our Sites

You can access any one of our sites through “Google” by keying in: spiritworldtimes.com (for our U.S. site), spiritworldtimesuk.com or spiritworldtimesnz.com.

Alternatively, if you are in say spiritworldtimes.com, the links to our other two sites are at the top of the page and vice versa.

STEP 2 – Email Us

Send us an email at spiritworldtimesnz@outlook.com  telling us about yourself and your link to the paranormal/spirit world, we will then respond and start a page for you with all your information.  

To get readers interested, your page layout could include the following in your email:

Introduction- welcome, your country and/or state, brief history, list of services. 

My Gifts/Skills – Explain how you developed your gifts/skills and what is happening while you are using your gifts/skills.

Wise Words – Include anything that you would like the reader to learn from you.

STEP 3 – Current Topic

Each one of our sites has a related topic for discussion by our members, via email with us, that we change about once a month.

We will email you periodically to tell you about a new topic or you can find it yourself by clicking on the “Current Topic” key on each one of our sites.

When you email us with your thoughts on the current topic, we encourage you to think outside the box and your response could vary in length from one sentence, to a page or more of information.

Please feel free to comment on the current topic on one, two or all three of our sites.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kerry, Ray and Steve

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Established 30-11-2017
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