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In Desmond Long’s book: “Beyond: A Medium’s Journey into the Afterlife”, it entails scripted discussions between Des, his wife Val following her passing, their daughter in spirit Tanya and Des’s spirit guide whom he calls “A”.  

By using excerpts from Des’ book, we have selected topics for discussion by our SWT team members and by you, the readers. In fact, we would welcome your comments via email to us, at any time and on any content from our site.

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P27  “Des: You yourself don’t contain darkness?”
“Val: No. Darkness is not necessarily a bad thing. It means a person has ventured into dark domains, tormented places, and has wrestled with the forces living there. It makes for a more complete human being, but one carrying something of the darkness encountered.”
“Des: Does that matter, if the person has learned a lesson offered and has risen above it?”
P28 “Val: The very point I make. The experience will have stamped itself on the individual at every level, for all time, and so has become a part of the soul. Never again will the person be innocent. Even as he has gained something, he has lost something.”
“Des: I guess that’s what individuality is all about.”
“Val: Quite.”
“Des: How does that make me different from one of history’s villains, even an Adolf Hitler or his ilk?”
“Val: You are no different, simply because none of us are different. Every soul immerses itself in that awful flow. Whether in the shallows among the fierce undertows and deadly current that rends the middle of the torrent, depends on the strength or will of the soul.”

Desmond Long’s “Beyond

Some topics and excerpts from Des’ book, that will be featured in SWT are listed below.


P11 “Val had become one of those earthbound spirits, locked into the proximity of the physical plane by the stress and conflict of her circumstances during the years at Emmerson House.”
“Des: Are you happy?”
“Val: Not happy or unhappy.”
“Des: Do you think you benefited from you Emmerson experience? Did it happen for a reason?”
“Val: All experience happens for a reason. I don’t know what it is yet.”
“Des: Have things changed during the past three weeks?”
“Val: Yes, I’m lighter and happier. I’m not in the place where the others are, but I can sense my mother and father.”
P12 “Des: Do you know what I’m doing right now? Or even thinking?”
“Val: No Des, I don’t. I’m here and you are there. There’s nobody here with me. Its like Emmerson at night. I am so alone. If you think of me and include me in your life, I’m less alone. No, I’m not miserable or even uncomfortable. I’m just alone. I don’t like being alone. I’m not in the place my parents are.”


P13 “Des: You mean you can remember them.”
“Val: No, they are actually there. It’s got to do with time. I can just be back when I saw them, and they are there.”


P15 “Val: Yes, I know what’s in your mind. I know you’re out walking. Your mind is on your walk. What you want me to pick up, I pick up.”


P16 “Des: Later in the day, perhaps. Which reminds me, what awareness of time do you have?”
“Val: There’s no time here. But when I talk to you, you are never far removed from any awareness of time. I pick it up from your mind. I connect to your time.”


P18 “Des: Its strange that you should be in a place without day and night, without time, without meals and so on.”
“Val: I’m in a place dominated by emotions. Meals are not emotions. Time is not an emotion. Night is not an emotion.”
“Des: You still have thoughts.”
“Val: Well thoughts cause emotions and emotions cause thoughts. Perhaps they’re almost one and the same. Of course I can still think.”


P19 “Although I was a bit weary after a long day with clients, I caught up with Val. I was relieved that she sounded much happier, stronger and more confident. She said she had caught up with both her parents.”
“Val: They were happy to see me, in fact happier that I was to see them. But this was because I’m still burdened, weighed down, oppressed by my physical exertions compared with them. Having said that, my head is clearer, and I feel better and more aware than before.”
P19 “Des: Were your parents together when you met them?”
“Val: Yes, they were together.”
“Des: Did you actually see them?”
“Val: Yes, but I picked up the whole person. Their past physical experience was just a small part of that. However there was a surprise. They love each other again. The old anger and resentment is gone, the part causing all the problems. The spiritual part of Mum and Dad has always been close. From what I can gather, we create and steer the problems we most need in the physical, because these problems help us to grow in a way we need to grow, or want to grow.”
“Des: What did they first say to you?”
“Val: I felt love and acceptance. Then I felt their excitement that at last I had joined them. I felt relief on their part that my suffering was over.”


P21  “Des: Have you met my spiritual guidance? If so, what do you make of them?”
“Val: No Des, I have not met them and probably never will. They belong to a different universe. There is a sort of fragmentation that separates groups in spirit. It’s a part of the individualizing process that makes every human being different from every other. There is an intimate togetherness existing within every group, which serves the same purpose.”


P22 “Val: As I see it God is a force, sort of what has caused and what is. God is the stuff, consciousness, which is molded by different minds at different levels and for different purposes. It seems that God is the directing intelligence, creating and indirectly controlling the sea of influence that is consciousness.”


P23 “Des: From what I can gather, dying clearly is more than just switching off.”
“Val: The death experience extends from the time the physical vehicle wears out, at least in my case, to the time in spirit when every emotion and thought has been extracted from the years spent in  physical  that one chooses to extract.”
“Des: So you’re still dying, even now?”
“Val: Yes I am.”


P23 “Des: No doubt it’s the same for your mum and dad. What have they said about the death experience, or their lives or anything else?”
“Val: We talk by merging our minds. What they know and feel, their very personalities, comes into mind. They pick up the same from my mind. Yes, we talk whenever we want to, much like communicating in the physical. But here it’s much more loving and respectful.”


P24 “Des: What is my friend O’Shira like?”
“He is a Being of Light, and as such has responsibilities that ordinary people don’t share. These Beings are an incredibly important part of the total Organism, the total human environment. But there’s a lot I can’t convey at this time.”


P25 “Val: As you know, each individual is ordinary while locked into the general proximity of heavy physical matter. But as they move away they become free to unfold their true selves and express who and what they are in spiritual terms.”
“Des: Then?”
“Val: Then there is a whole dimension of individual growth that you’re barely aware of, relating to so-called evolvement.”


P27  “Des: You yourself don’t contain darkness?”
“Val: No. Darkness is not necessarily a bad thing. It means a person has ventured into dark domains, tormented places, and has wrestled with the forces living there. It makes for a more complete human being, but one carrying something of the darkness encountered.”
“Des: Does that matter, if the person has learned a lesson offered and has risen above it?”
P28 “Val: The very point I make. The experience will have stamped itself on the individual at every level, for all time, and so has become a part of the soul. Never again will the person be innocent. Even as he has gained something, he has lost something.”
“Des: I guess that’s what individuality is all about.”
“Val: Quite.”
“Des: How does that make me different from one of history’s villains, even an Adolf Hitler or his ilk?”
“Val: You are no different, simply because none of us are different. Every soul immerses itself in that awful flow. Whether in the shallows among the fierce undertows and deadly current that rends the middle of the torrent, depends on the strength or will of the soul.”

P29 “Des: How were you given help to answer that question and others? What process is involved? Not only do you know more than was the case in the physical, but your opinions have changed.”
“Val: As you’ve discussed with your guidance, I make myself available and receptive, pretty much as you are doing right now. The answers are then presented to me. Natural law provides the answers, as long as there is justification for this. The process is one where a need is met if there is sufficient reason for the need to be met…What I experience is a situation where your questions are answered with details filling my mind. Sometimes the details are different from my own understanding.” 


P34 “Val: We’re all part of a single body, the Organism. Some people have developed resources that enable them to take more responsibility.”
“Des: How are the Beings of Light we’ve discussed different from more modest individuals?”
“Val: As a parent is different from a child.” 


P34 “Val: Family is far more than a bloodline. It is love, affinity and shared experiences.”


P34 “Val: But you asked about ghosts. The dead person is still tied completely into the physical world. The vibrations are so course that a sensitive person, even a tourist visiting a haunted house can almost see the ghost. A completely earthbound spirit, locked into even more profoundly negative emotions, sees nothing of the physical environment, and is still living within memory. Even if the house in which the spirit lived burned down and a modern house concepted in its place, the spirit continues to dwell within the house that no longer exists because it continues to exist in the mind. There is no such thing as time. Spirit is back there. Physical people living within the modern house may glimpse the wandering spirit pass through walls. The spirit has no awareness of the modern house or its inhabitants, which do not exist for spirit.”

 P35 “Des: Then what about evil or angry spirits who are said to attack people, cause objects to move or whatever?”
“Val: Depending on the intensity of the negative emotions present at the time of death, a different natural law may enable the person’s spirit to break through into the present, be aware of and interact with the occupants of the modern house. This could be so if the spirit personality is consumed with rage or vindictiveness. The greater the negative emotions, the coarser the individual’s vibrations, and the greater the affinity with the physical. Expression at the physical level, therefore, is possible. Coarse vibrations enable contact to be made between spirit and people in the physical. It could be added that this phenomenon is rarely experienced. Exaggeration in the telling is a significant factor.”


P37  “Des: Presumably you have caught up with the moggies, Belle, Gremlin, Nick, Twinkle, Boots and Whisky”
“Val: Yes I have…I was able to love them completely, because deep down I was not bracing myself, knowing that sooner or later I would lose them. But even in this realm as I move further and further from the influence of the physical, I know that in time I will shed any need for the company of cats. I will outgrow the need as I become more self-contained and balanced as a whole. In a completely different way I will internalize them so they will always be part of me.”
P39  “Val: In a narrow context animals are the more evolved life form. Animal behavior is driven by instinct. Instinct comes from the collective mind of that particular animal species…It is not possible for an individual animal to act in a way that is against the collective instinct, although unusual environmental pressures will produce unusual adaptive behaviors. Selective breeding can also bend behavior.


P39 “Val: People are uniquely different. Although there are patterns of instinctive behavior, steered in some measure by one’s society, it is overwhelmed at the individual level by the thinking mind. This splits humans off from the animal kingdom. Other factors do as well. Animals do not have free will that is removed from instinct. Humans do. Humans are able to initiate bad or wrong (immature) behavior and self-destructive behavior in the physical, individually and collectively. Human beings create themselves because of the consequences of their activities. People are responsible for what they do. This is how they create what they are. Not so, animals. It could be said that this has already been done for them.” 
“Val: But with people the process of individualization and evolvement is very much a work in progress. Mistakes continue to be made because learning proceeds according to the process of trial and error. Errors lead to warfare, religious intolerance, mass poverty and starvation; and at the individual level to psychological health and social problems. In turn this conflict produces suffering, and thereafter empathy which teaches lessons and eventually damps down the negative excesses.”       


P40  “Des: Do you take satisfaction from the contributions you made with your spiritual channeling groups, psychic readings, spiritual healing and counselling? What do you make of the awful experiences you endured during the last few years?”
“Val: I take enormous satisfaction from every second I spent in the physical, whether I was happy or not. I now know that every second was a profound privilege. I created within me what had not existed. Every thought, emotion and activity, no matter how fleeting, gave birth to something that will last forever. It contributes to the family here and to the greater group.”

P43 “Val: Within the body of consciousness there exist individualized parts that are members of the human race. That’s what we are, you and I.”
“Val: We are actually part of the total, as a drop of water is part of the river. In your case, a part of you is focused in physical, while another part is focused in spirit. In my case, a much larger part is in spirit, but not all of it because I am still processing my physical life.”
“Val: The physical you is like a rowing boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The spirit you is the Pacific. Both are parts of the total. Each person, whether in physical or spirit, is constantly evolving and individualizing. Past lives are part of a parade of existences in the physical which all take place at the same split second of time.”


P49 “Val: When John Smith dies he will never be returned to the physical! What is returned, perhaps, is a John Smith equipped with very much more wisdom, almost a different life form in some cases, and also stripped of some of his negative parts. To further confuse the issue, is the fact that bits of John Smith inhabit other individuals returning to physical, even as John has come to internalize or contain the essence of others in his group but especially his family group.”
“Val: Something strange happens when the person returns to physical and fuses with negative energy. It awakens within him something of the same negative tendencies and appetites he carried when last in physical form, when last in the proximity of negative energy, just as the positive energy of spirit unfolded within him the loving and benign attitudes that are a deep and basic part of every human being.”  
P50 “Des: Presumably a Being of Light living in the physical world has the resources to rise above the worst of the negative energy, while more ordinary individuals can even be destroyed by it.”
“Val: Destroyed is not right word. A person benefits enormously from a physical journey, whatever direction it takes. But an evolved personality does not need the harshest of the learning experiences so necessary for most other individuals. Therefore he does not attract them to himself. But there are exceptions. If he is swept away by catastrophe or personal tragedy, he has chosen these harsh experiences in service to the Organism and not his personal unfoldment.”


P51 “Val: Humanity is only a tiny part of the process. Consciousness is an energy made up of every life form.”
“Des: Including rocks, insects, and trees?”
“Val: Certainly. And the planet as a whole, the sun itself, other galaxies, and also life forms existing in other dimensions. With every thought and every experience consciousness expands, faster and faster. It always has and always will.”


P51 “Des: What does Christmas in the physical mean to you, and what does Christmas in spirit mean to you?”
“Val: If Christmas coincides with people being uplifted and supported and given satisfaction in the physical, it is a very pleasing event. If Christmas is a lonely or sad time, we feel for the person if we have a group connection. The strength of our feelings is linked to the strength of the connection. If there is no personal connection we feel nothing. There is nothing to register. But in spiritual and philosophical terms we are empathetic. Regarding the religious significance, because religion has been invented to meet valid needs, collective and individual, as part of the inevitable growing process, it is no less real. Everything has been created because everything is part of consciousness, and consciousness is creating and being created. In spirit we accept what is, and the infinite natural laws within consciousness creating it.”
P52 “Des: You wouldn’t experience very much of that uplifting, I guess, because you receive energy from only the tiny number of people in physical who belong to your group.”
“Val: That is not correct. Directly and indirectly, members of the greater group have connections to people in physical from a vast assortment of groups throughout the world. Collectively they pick up the energy which then becomes available to all members of our greater group.”
“Val: Many people in physical see Christmas merely as family time, an opportunity to enjoy the company of a larger than usual number of family members. But that is okay. Love is love, even if the focus shifts at Christmas. People have always created symbols in order to relate positively or negatively. Christmas is one such symbol. On Christmas Day People create an energy infrastructure that did not exist a few days before. They create something within themselves individually and collectively. They create! Everything is a creation within a creation within a creation, forever.


P53 “Des: Can you think of negative creations?”
“Val: That won’t be hard. A modern-day holy war is a negative creation, in which both sides sincerely believe in their cause, and some people are willing to die or kill for it. Materialism, elitism, the unfeeling exercise of power politics, the willful blindness that allows twenty percent of the world’s population to suffer miserably of malnutrition and preventable diseases; these are negative creations. These cultures and mindsets are shared by large populations. They are all creations produced by those groups. The negativity feeds on itself.”
“Des: Just what large populations do you mean?”
“Val: There are lots of people out there pointing fingers at other people, and even trying to change them, Des. But very few change themselves.”
“Des: Could you give me a more direct answer?”
“Val: People are people wherever they live, and whatever they do. Given any set of circumstances, they all react pretty much the same.”


P54 “Des: What do you make of my wandering around the cemetery?”
“Val: Of course it was me who prompted your excursion. There was a reason for it, one that has not occurred to you. You can be prompted by us to do many things, or not do them. You can be provided with philosophical concepts. Conversely your mind can be blanked out briefly and selectively to steer what you receive from us, with all your agreement at one level or another. You have explored these things, sometimes with slight discomfort. What you have not explored is the extent to which emotions are an important part of the conduit. On Christmas Day the opportunity was taken to comment on several things, but mainly we were exercising the power of the conduit to inform you by means of your emotions.”


P54 “Des: Are you aware of a place with houses and trees? Can you actually define the place you’re in now?”
“Val: In this place we are aware of what we are. We are every experience of a physical lifetime. It can be seen that the physical is very, very important and that it makes us what we are. Physicality does not create consciousness, but it enables us to mold our absolute uniqueness out of consciousness. The physical enables us to draw on every action and reaction, every fleeting thought, emotion, dream, fantasy and romantic notion, every beautiful flower, scene and color, because all these things remain with us. They are available to our uniqueness. We are able to clothe ourselves in them, live and be them.”
P55 “Des: But not the negative stuff, because you don’t have the negative emotions to allow those experiences to register.”
“Val: That’s right. So I spend my time in beautiful environments devoid of negative energy. One more thing, Des, we all live in a different beautiful place while apart, but we share a common beautiful place that suits everyone when we come together. It just happens.”
“Des: And your personal place is shaped and given a reality by your physical life experiences?”
“Val: Yes it is.”

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