Desmond Long – Suicide: Personal and Spirit World Views

Perhaps interestingly my personal views on suicide vary from those held extensively by Spirit.   Why?   I believe there are rare circumstances in which suicide is justified.   For example, intense pain.   Spirit doesn’t agree, simply because every second spent on the physical plane (our world) is deemed to be profoundly, infinitely precious.   Again why?   Because for all “eternity” we invariably will carry the unique life experiences on offer from every moment spent on the physical plane.  For example, I am 100 years old, and say to myself, “I’m learning nothing just lying in bed waiting for a carer to wipe my behind.  That’s all I ever do.   I may as well wave it all goodbye!”   But Spirit will say, “Hang on, just lying in bed, you are thinking.   You are recalling your childhood, but modulated with the wisdom/tiredness/experiences of 100 years.  You are comparing your great grandchildren with your kids and how much society has changed. Comparing one branch of the family with another is wisdom.   Comparing one generation with another is wisdom.   Comparing your emotions while attending every funeral and every wedding is wisdom. How (and why) you tolerate pain is wisdom.   

The more time we spend in the physical (our world), the more likely we are to evolve after we pass into the spirit world. In fact, the more evolved a Spirit personality (with the passage of time in Spirit), the greater his/her serenity, peace, self-love and therefore generalised love, and generalised wisdom.   The more evolved a Spirit personality the more s/he is emotionally aware of the value of every split second in Physical, and what it offers. 

 Responses from the Editor (SWT)

My personal responses to Desmond Long’s comments above are as follow:  

  • With the advent of modern medicine in the treatment of pain and the promise of new treatments in the future, adds weight to the argument that suicide should not be an option even under these circumstances.
  • I understand from what I have read that we spend the vast majority of our lives in spirit and only a relatively small proportion on our lives in the physical. In other words, we are here in the physical to learn lessons and we will be back in the spirit world to build on those lessons soon enough. 
  • I also understand that cutting short our own lives prematurely would only serve to stunt the growth of our spiritual selves in the afterlife and may mean that the need for more learning back in the physical through reincarnation is inevitable. 

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