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Hi there I'm Ray.

Welcome to my page. Firstly, I would like to tell you a little bit about my past  experiences. Secondly, I invite you to read my very own poetry, which contain my own insights on the world around us. Lastly, I look forward to entering into a discussion with you, in my own personal areas of interest being: “The Unexplained and the Unknown with Ray”. You can email me on any of the above-mentioned interest areas at spiritworldtimesnz@outlook.com. Thanks so much. Ray

Back in my twenties, I'm now in my fifties, I started to have premonitions of an event that was so bizarre I put it off as just a silly dream. Then about two years later a workmate approached me ask me how would I build a car bomb. When I refused to help him he start to threaten and intimidate me. It was my dream come true. This carried on for about six months. It finally ended when the workmate murdered a friend of a person who had been helping me stand up to this person. The workmate was then shot by police. I later found out he was considered by the Government as one of the most dangerous people in New Zealand.

My Near Death Experience
For as long as I can remember I have had what I thought a dream it starts with a small baby surrounded with people dressed in sort of gowns then I turned and started going up a long tunnel towards a light. Eventually when I arrived it was like stepping out of a lift in to an area of small hills all covered in a very green grass, The I heard a very strong powerful yet friendly voice said “Go back it is not your time.”. In the nineties I read a magazine article that described near death experienced of many people and they were very similar to my dream. A few years ago an aunt told me that as a baby I had had hopping cough and I had been close to death several times. Draw your own conclusions.

So there are clearly things not explained by conventional science and while I know there is a god. I don't have much faith in or need of religion.

I started writing sometime after the murder, I found writing my thoughts down lessened their strength in my mind.

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