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Hello, welcome to my page.

I believe it is important that you understand my history on how I eventually came up with the idea to set up and manage a site of this nature.

I believe that we all possess untapped abilities, that have yet to be fully explored and discovered by the conventional scientific and academic community.
I also believe in the existence of God and in life after death, in whatever form that takes.

My view on psychics in general is that there are people out there who genuinely possess the skills that they claim to possess, but that the label “psychic” is also capable of being misused by others, as with any discipline.

My understanding of the spiritual healers that I have encountered is that they advocate for conventional medical treatment in conjunction with spiritual healing, rather than alternatively.

In my personal life I have always had a fascination with magic and fantasy. My favorite TV program as a child was a comedy about a witch called “Bewitched”. As I grew older, I was then an avid follower of the TV program “Charmed”, which also happened to be about witches. I have also followed the TV dramas “Medium” and “Ghost Whisperer”, which are about psychics connecting with the spirit world. Lately, I have been watching re-runs of the TV program “Touched by an Angel” for its therapeutic value. All the above shows happen to be U.S. based shows.
A real-life show over this part of the world that I have followed closely is “Sensing Murder”, in which a handful of psychics were selected from Australia and New Zealand to provide insights into unsolved murders.
I also loved and still do, the magic of movies and what they can achieve with special effects. I remember seeing the first “Star Wars” movie back in the late 1970’s and like everyone else, marveling at the enormity of its impact on us.

Around December 2008, I was missing my late grandmother, so I decided to purchase a book by American psychic medium Allison Dubois, in the hope that it would help me to manage my loss. I understood from the book that my grandmother passed into the spirit world when she died and that through the power of thought, I could request that she make contact with me in some way. So over two nights, I repeated my grandmother’s name over and over in my head. On the third day, I went to visit my mother who lives nearby. Upon walking in, and without knowing what I had been doing, my mother informed me that she had had a dream of her mother, standing before her looking serene and saying nothing. It was then that I told her that I had been repeating my grandmother’s name over the previous two nights. We were both shocked by this and unaware of what to make of it.

Since that time, I have developed a fascination with all things spirituality based. I have amassed my own personal library of new age books both in hard copy and in electronic format, on anything that might have satisfied my thirst for knowledge in this area. I have also spent countless hours over the years trawling the internet reading about other’s views on spirituality and watching related ‘Youtube’ videos.

I have been to see many psychics for personal readings, at large venues with others and at local spiritualist churches, each time weighing up in my mind what I had experienced.
I have trained in the practice of Reiki healing, the experience for which I value, but do not today personally practice.

In 2009 I enrolled in an Australian correspondence course in psychic development, through which I learned about psychometry. I practiced psychometric exercises for many hours by holding folded pieces of paper with random names of familiar people on them, while blindfolded. The idea was to see what sprang to mind through merely holding each folded piece of paper. After some time, I was surprised to discover that drawings in white writing started appearing in my head, while I was looking into the blackness of my blindfold.
On one occasion, I saw moving images of what looked like drawings of birds flying in my head and when I later looked at the name on the folded piece of paper in my hand, I saw that it was my father’s name, when my father had always loved airplanes.

On another occasion, I saw a drawing of what looked like a  human torso, with just the arms moving around together. I then saw on the paper that I was holding, that it was my niece’s name. When I rang my sister and asked about my niece, she said that my niece had been spending that day shifting around boxes for a friend, because her friend was in the process of moving house.

From there, I started learning about Tarot card reading and then decided to purchase a crystal ball. I soon found that when a friend would sit down with me, I would start seeing white drawings forming in the crystal ball, in the same way that I had seen through my blindfold. In all, I read for three friends, by describing the drawings that I saw forming in the crystal ball, who then were able to verify the connections of these drawings with events and associated people in their own lives. I will never forget on one occasion seeing a strange drawing of what looked like a pig with the roof of a house stuck to its back. When I described it to my friend, she said: “I always tell my husband that our money is as safe as houses!”

While still in 2009, I progressed to reading words and sentences as they were being written in my crystal ball, while I was studying it on my own. By this stage the information was coming at me thick and fast and I recall writing as much as I could down, though looking back now, much of it did not make much sense.

I then found I did not need the crystal ball anymore, because I was seeing either singular words or full sentences being written before me in the carpet, in the fish tank and even through a glass of water.
Then thoughts started being put into my head and I progressed to hearing voices, through my ears, although no one was around. I was now having conversations with these voices. At first, they were friendly, giving me helpful advice and generally guiding me through life. However, by December 2009, I was hearing voices that were a mixture of both positive and negative in nature. For the next four and a half years, my life varied between stints under the mental health system because of the voices, and other times when I was leading an ordinary life with no voices. In July 2013 I spent a month in hospital, again because of the voices. While I was in there, I decided that enough was enough. In my head, I told the voices to “Go away!” They did.

Soon after that, I was released, I went straight back to work and I have not heard negative voices since. Then, after around three years on psychiatric medication, I gradually reduced my medication over time, under the supervision of my local doctor. I am now no longer on this medication. However, I have an arrangement with my previous psychiatrist that if I ever need his assistance in the future, I am to notify him first. I hasten to add, that I do not advocate for removing oneself from psychiatric medication, without first obtaining the consent of trained medical professionals.

There have been occasions since July 2013, when I have either been woken up by the sound of an imaginary bell ringing in my head, by an unknown voice whispering my name in my ear or by the sound of someone banging on the door. On all occasions I have been alone and generally there has been no one at the door when I have rushed to it. I have also noticed a tendency for these things to happen around five minutes before my alarm was due to go off.
On one occasion last February (2017), I was lying awake alone in my bed during the night. I was lying on my side facing the wall without moving, while somehow at the same time I was looking up above me at my ceiling. I saw that floating above me and touching my ceiling, was a figure resembling a young woman I did not recognize of around the age of 30. She was very pretty and was smiling at me. She had long flowing hair and a long silky gown that was blowing as if she was in a wind. She did not have wings. At that point she said nothing to me. The next thing I saw was that she was beginning to descend down towards me. Then in the next instant, I was back looking at the wall in the position that I had remained in throughout and I heard that familiar voice whisper my name in my ear again. I then looked up at the ceiling myself and she had disappeared.

I detailed this incident to my fiancĂ© Steve.  His explanation was that it could have been a dream.

The Technique of ‘Cold Reading’
My understanding of ‘cold reading’ is that the psychic hones their skills in reading body language and physical appearance, as well as gathering extra information from the sitter, by asking them pertinent questions, thereby attaining the label of ‘fake psychic’.
I liken a psychic to a judge presiding over defendants, witnesses, officers of the Court and members of the public. It is incumbent on these judges to actually ‘cold read’ every single person in the Court room, as well as apply years of training and experience, in order to properly perform their chosen roles. In my opinion, it is absolutely necessary for these judges to ‘cold read’ in order to perform their required tasks. Yet no one would dare to suggest that these are actually ‘fake judges’.
A genuine psychic reader, in some cases, also combines years of experience and skills with a certain amount of ‘cold reading’ in order to perform their required duties successfully.  In ‘cold reading’ I mean that the psychic reader, if with a living recipient, often needs to be able to read the recipient’s reactions, so that they can determine the timing of the delivery of the information, or indeed whether some information may be too sensitive to the reader to deliver at all. If the psychic reader was unable to do this, then sooner or later they would quickly have unsatisfied clients on their hands and a poor reputation to boot!
Further, the ‘cold reading’ theory does not explain situations where psychics are expected to perform functions without any living recipient in front of them at all, such as those that travel with police officers to remote areas to investigate cold cases, or in the performing of readings over the telephone.
I have also found with many of the psychics that I have visited over the years, insist on not knowing anything more than my Christian name before meeting me, or how they choose to perform their readings with their eyes closed so that they can better connect with their abilities. 
We welcome your views on this or on any of the other content on this site.

Thank you for your interest in our site.

Regards,  Kerry

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